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Trace Solar offers high quality solutions and services on renewable energies and energy efficiency. Committed to help people, companies and industries to maximize the use of energy in a more secure, reliable and efficient way. TRACE INTERNATIONAL SRL. RNC 1-06-01411-7.

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Santo Domingo

Avenida Roberto Pastoriza 154, casi esquina Tiradentes


Calle Bartolomé Colón No. 35, casi entrada el Eljildo

Zona Oriental

Carretera Mella Esq. Calle Primera, Palmas de Alma Rosa, Local 9, primer nivel. Santo Domingo Este

Points of sale

Trace Solar counts with an structure of eleven branches, strategically located at the most important points of our country, as follows:

Some of our distributors

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Solutions and Products

Services and Maintenance

Repair and Maintenance of:

• Air conditioners

• Solar Pumping

• Solar heaters

• Garage Doors and Barriers

• Access Control Nice – Home Automation

• Transformers

• Efficient Lighting

• Inverters and Batteries

• Photovoltaic Panel Systems

• Monitoring Systems


• Wind turbines

• Swing Doors

• Sliding Gate Automation Systems


Some of Our Photovoltaic Projects, Water Pumping, Solar Heaters, Efficient Air Conditioning, Access Controls, Home Automation, Efficient Lighting, Inverters and Batteries, Power Limiters, among others

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